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Arashi Shibori

The TobaSign fabric dyes & paints are widely recognised for their qualities in the world of silk painting. They are dyes that can be used to paint and to dye 100% natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, linen...

TobaSign is a fibre-reactive dye in liquid form. These dyes react chemically with the fibre molecules and create a chemical bond. Thus the dye is permanently held in the fibre. The strong binding between both provides an excellent light- and wash-fastness without altering the intrinsic qualities of each fabric.

Concerning the use, note that the TobaSign dyes can be fixed in 2 different ways with the same result: with TobaFix or with steam.

Many artists have chosen these fabric dyes & paints to express their creativity. Gradually we will show you some details of their work.

What is silk painting?

Silk painting is the art of applying dye to silk.
It's a direct paint-on method; the dyes are usually painted on to white or natural silk. (Although the TobaSign colours are painted onto the silk, they are actually dyes because they penetrate the fibers of the silk and become integral part of the fabric and as such do not change the feel and handel of the silk.)

Some of the techniques used in silk painting are: watercolor, wet-on-wet painting, shading, gradation, salting, spotting with TobaWet, serti with TobaGut...

The permanent liquid fibre reactive dyes merge to become an integral part of the silk. After fixing the TobaSign dyes will have formed a permanent bond with the silk fibers. These dyes do not alter the natural properties and soft handle of the silk. The silk remains soft and supple.

Silk painting is used to create wall hangings or clothing and home decoration. Silk painting also serves the purposes of numerous fashion and fabric designers.


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